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About Us

We provide our service in accordance with the specifications established by the Master painter’s Institute.

Our projects are performed and finished following our client’s specifications and based on our contractual demands. In order to assure the quality, we perform frequent inspections during and after completion.

Samples and mock up.-
We provide paint samples to be used specifying brand, manufacturer’s information, finish, formula, colour name and number.

On the job site we finish one space of each colour or scheme required, showing selected colours, finish texture, materials and workmanship, and will call for an inspection prior to proceeding with further painting . After acceptance, the sample space or items will become the standard for work throughout the project.

Material schedules.-
Before ordering paint materials we will submit to the consultant a schedule of all paint types, showing brands and quality identifications of materials to be used.

Product handling.-
We will deliver paint materials to the job site in a sealed original labelled containers. We take all necessary precautionary measures to prevent fire hazards and spontaneous combustion.

We use paint application equipment such as; brush, roller and spray. Assuring best quality suiting the work and keeping clean and workable condition.

Paint materials.-
Paint, varnishes, stains and paint products that we use in our projects, meet or exceed the CGSB specifications. As well, all interior paints, stain and varnishes that we use are VOC compliant type .

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